Origen, a lifelong collection for a lifetime

ORIGEN is a return to your roots, to a more leisurely and healthy lifestyle. Designed to care for and accompany all generations, it offers a 10-year guarantee.

San Ignacio has made the Mediterranean culture its own and offers us a collection designed to care for and accompany all generations, as it offers a 10-year guarantee. The new Origen de San Ignacio collection is a return to basics. The collection combines materials such as aluminium, stainless steel and carbon steel, combining sensations such as the result of the warm copper hammered finish, offering products as surprising as they are welcoming. The Origen de San Ignacio collection incorporates technical advances that allow for cooking with less oil and optimise energy consumption. Its innovative System Plus diffuser base, in addition to offering high performance in all types of fires, allows the base of the piece to be reinforced, making it more resistant to thermal shock. In addition, San Ignacio has developed an avant-garde anti-adherent. The new San Ignacio F4 non-stick has been reinforced with copper particles for better conductivity, diamond for extra hardness, sapphire to maximize anti-adherence and titanium to ensure durability. The new Origen San Ignacio collection is totally environmentally friendly. Its materials are 100% recyclable, free of cadmium and lead, contributing to reduce CO2 emissions. In addition, the packaging has been developed avoiding the use of plastics.