Thermos Flasks

Hot or cold, San Ignacio thermos flasks maintain any temperature

A good hot coffee on a cold morning in the mountains or chilled water for refreshment on a summer beach, San Ignacio thermos flasks are the best to maintain any temperature. Designed to make life easier.

Stainless steel thermos flask that perfectly maintains the temperature of the liquids inside thanks to a vacuum chamber between the internal and external bottle. The lid is a removable screw cap with a pressure opening and closing system allowing liquids to be poured without losing temperature when opened. It is also removable to ensure easy and efficient cleaning.


A stainless steel thermos flask which maintains the temperature of the liquid inside to perfection, thanks to a vacuum chamber between the inner and the outer bottle. The screw top is removable and has a stopper with a pressurised opening/closing system which allows you to pour liquids while conserving the temperature at the time of opening. It is also easy to disassemble to ensure easy cleaning throughout.