San Ignacio

For over 70 years, innovation, quality and respect for the environment have been San Ignacio's key values, offering maximum quality in its products.



In 1944, in the town of Oñate in northern Spain, a young entrepreneur, Ignacio Emparanza Gaztañaga, founded a company called Esmaltaciones San Ignacio, now known as San Ignacio.


Experience and quality

Over 7 decades of innovation and research, San Ignacio products have always stood for quality. From the first pots, pans and enamelled products to the latest collections.


Teaching to cook

San Ignacio have had you in mind from the start. For this reason they have published numerous recipe books and and worked alongside prestigious chefs and TV personalities such as Karlos Arguiñano, David de Jorge or Juan José Castillo, among many others.


International presence

San Ignacio is a brand with an international calling, present in both the French and Italian markets from the early stages, attending high profile trade fairs since the mid-20th Century such as that of Cologne in Germany and building factories in France and Morocco.



From the well-known orange frying pans to our latest collection, Vita, our drive for innovation has brought us to use the best materials and coatings while paying attention to design, all of which enables us to guarantee our products for life.


By your side, day by day

Much more than just kitchenware, San Ignacio is a balanced lifestyle which accompanies and promotes the Mediterranean diet through recipes and cooking techniques to help you live a happy, healthy life on a daily basis.


A look to the future

In 2017 Bergner acquired this great kitchenware brand with the aim of maintaining and re-launching the legacy of a trusted firm which has had a place in all Spanish homes since the middle of the 20th Century.


Our identity

Our image has been updated over time, but its personality has never been lost. In 2018 San Ignacio is entering a new era, looking towards the future, without losing sight of its origins.


Chosen by the best

The best brands always have the best recommendations. The renowned chef, Pepe Rodríguez, has been named Ambassador for San Ignacio for the brand's new era. Moreover, we are supported by the prestigious Cook & Chef Institute foundation which has awarded our products its seal of quality.


San Ignacio 3.0

For this new era, San Ignacio has undergone a thorough digital transformation, consolidating its presence in Internet and the Social Networks and participating proactively in the changes which are taking place in this increasingly globalised world.