San Ignacio

At San Ignacio we think of you and of your happiness. For us, you come first. We want to see you smile every day and enjoy every moment life blesses you with. That's why we have created a very special manifesto, in which we not only reflect the spirit of San Ignacio to perfection, but we also show that it is designed with you in mind, because all this is exactly what we want you to know.


#SI to life

Let us live every moment in a special way. Let us be happy and enjoy life and everything it blesses us with.


#SI to family

Let us take even more care of the most valuable thing in life: our family. Let us show them our love every day and enjoy every moment we spend together.


#SI to friendship

Let us have fun with our friends, our lifelong friends, our newest friends and the friends we haven't made yet. Let us laugh with them and remember the best times we spent with them.


#SI to our roots

Let us feel our heritage. Let us be proud of the places where we grew up and of the Mediterranean beaches where we spent our summers.


#SI to healthy habits

Let us take care of ourselves and feel good in ourselves. Let us improve this part of our lives from day to day to become happier.


#SI to being free

Let us express our opinions, shout, laugh... and let us think of our wellbeing and feel the freedom of being able to decide what is good for us.


#SI to sharing

Let us share to build a happier world. Let us share all the good we have inside with all the people we love.


#SI to adventures

Let us add a bit of excitement to our lives. Let us feel the water, the wind, the earth, and let us experience great things.


#SI to new experiences

Let us open our mind and surprise ourselves with what life has to offer. Let us try new things and lose our fear of the unknown.


#SI to caring for the planet

Small gestures that help to protect our planet. Keep our countryside or beaches clean and tidy. Take care of our plants and animals. Together we will build a better world.